Tell the world you care about the Environment

(while promoting your business)

Everybody wants to make a difference in our world, especially when it comes to our Natural Resources. That is the basic reasoning behind
My Natural Resource (MNR) and our bottled water. We wanted to make it personal for everyone to do his or her part in quenching thirsts while helping the environment through a single purchase of bottled water. We will show you how Private Label can help your business get ahead.

Our bottled water is like no other because our bottles are like no other.
Our bottles are made from 100% recycled plastic that was previously a bottle. Therefore no virgin plastic was used in making this bottle. Another source of bottles is biodegradable bottles that will completely biodegrade if it does not make it through the recycling loop - as it unfortunately happens too often, especially in humanitarian aid. See more info.

MNR Water’s goal is not to substitute Tap Water, but to give people a healthy, and environmentally friendly choice when you may not have a choice. We also pride on limiting shipping distances of our purified water by working with local bottlers whenever possible, which greatly reduces our
Carbon Footprint and YOURS.
bottle sizes

We have many choices of bottles and the more you purchase the less it will cost.
contact us to get the best price available for you and we urge you to compare to other Private Label Bottle Companies. You will not only receive the best price, but the most environmentally friendly single use bottled water available today.
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